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FOREIGN Credential Evaluation Scholarships

Assistance for Those Educated Abroad

Foreign Credential Evaluation Scholarships help early childhood educators who have completed their high school and/or higher education coursework outside of the United States pay for the evaluation process, so they can have their education and professionalism recognized by Achieve - the Minnesota Center for Professional Development.

foreign credential

Applicants must:

  • Be working or volunteering in a Minnesota early childhood program
  • Have an employer who has an Organization Account on Develop and who has verified that you are an employee of that organization on their account
  • Have a current Develop Individual Membership
  1. Choose a firm to evaluate your credentials and request a written price quote. You must choose one of the following agencies:
  2. Gather the required documents listed below:
    • The price quote for your evaluation
    • Your Develop Learning Record which must include:
      • A Current Membership
      • Employment or volunteer status at a Minnesota early childhood program that is verified
  3. Apply online for a scholarship

How are scholarship funds awarded and distributed?

Child Care Aware of Minnesota will notify you of your scholarship and notify the evaluation firm that we will be paying some or all your fees. Translation fees may be covered if it is needed for evaluation. No scholarship will exceed $500. You are responsible for the cost of any additional fees, such as expedited delivery.

If you need to purchase official transcripts from another country, you can be reimbursed for those costs if you submit a receipt that lists the payment in U.S. dollars.


Does my scholarship expire?

Yes, Foreign Credential Evaluation Scholarships expire 60 days after the award date.


What do I need to send to Achieve – The Minnesota Center for Professional Development in order to have my education added to my Develop Learning Record?

Please visit the Achieve website to view their Foreign Education Documentation Policy to confirm what is needed on your course-by-course evaluation report.


Can I get help with this process from someone who speaks a language other than English?

Yes, please send an email to and let us know what language you are most comfortable speaking. We will provide someone who can help you with translation.