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Exploring Important Issues for a Changing Field

Our policy briefs explore important issues affecting the early childhood field. For more information about Child Care Aware’s advocacy efforts, please contact Nicolette Graf, Equity and Advocacy Coordinator.

Learn more about how to meet with your legislator using the tips in this handout.

MN State House Chambers
  • Empower to Educate
    • This brief summarizes the Empower to Educate program, reviews the barriers that the program addresses, and offers participant testimonials.
  • Child Care Wayfinder
    • This brief provides an overview of the Child Care Wayfinder program and the barriers that the program addresses, and includes participant testimonials.
  • Deregulation
    • This brief discusses why deregulation is not the solution to the problems in the child care system.
  • Why Ratios Matter
    • This brief explores the importance of maintaining appropriate child-to-caregiver ratios in child care settings.