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Funding for Supplies and Other Essentials

Child Care Services Grants provide funds to help cover the cost of supplies, equipment, technology, and training. Grant funds are offered annually and are awarded competitively to qualified child care programs. Child Care Services Grants are administered through our District offices.

There are three types of Child Care Services Grants: Regional, Start Up, and Emergency.

Regional Grant applications are available online through the program’s Develop Organization Account September 1 through 25 of each year. Each year, the Department of Human Services and Child Care Aware determine Regional Grant priorities. This year’s priorities are explained on the Grant Priorities document.

Some of our District offices also have funding available year-round to help with program start-up costs and emergencies.

For more information on Regional, Start-Up, and Emergency Grants and application instructions, contact your local county Grant Administrator.


Children play and learn at the preschool class.