Trainer & RBPD Summit

Trainer & RBPD Summit

The Trainer and RBPD Summit offers professional development opportunities for trainers, RBPD specialists, and leaders in the early childhood field to gain new, relevant information and to network with their peers. We provide a variety of topics and unique presentation ideas for trainers, leaders, and RBPD specialists in Minnesota.

Breezy Point Resort
9252 Breezy Point Drive
Breezy Point, MN 56472

Thursday, September 19 – Pre-Conference (1-4 p.m.) – $75
Friday, September 20 – $125
Saturday, September 21 – $75

We have a room block reserved for attendees, which is currently open for booking. Reservations can be made online through the Breezy Point website. Please use the group ID 260655 when booking.

Registration opens July 1 and runs through August 16.

First-time attendees receive a discount for registering early! All first-time attendees who register during this first week (July 1-7) will receive a 20% discount on registration fees.

Scholarship applications will be available July 1 through 22 and will be need-based. All scholarships will be $200 each.