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The Importance of Self-Care

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I had the privilege to attend the annual Child Care Aware of Minnesota Institute in early November. The Institute is a professional development and networking opportunity for all Child Care Aware staff and select partners from across the state to connect, grow, and learn. This year’s theme, “It’s All About You,” focused on wellness, self-care, and the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself.

As a new employee to Child Care Aware and as someone who has previously worked for corporate and government employers, it was refreshing to attend a conference that focused on both personal and professional self-care and the strategies and practices that will empower us to take better care of ourselves while on and off the clock. The workshops I attended offered tangible action items and strategies that I have since implemented into my work. Actions such as taking mental breaks, thinking positively, and turning thoughts into actions are ways that I now take better care of myself mentally, physically, and professionally.

The Institute allowed me to walk away with a deeper understanding of the meaning of self-care and how I can implement mental health and wellness into my work as an Associate Director. Placing a high emphasis on self-care and making it a part of a work schedule will increase employee productivity and satisfaction, and build a better workplace. Practicing self-care is not always easy; however, it is essential for our personal success and the success of the Child Care Aware system as a whole.