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Supporting Program Leaders: TELL Talks


Something I have always admired about early childhood educators and program leaders is our tenacity, passion, and drive to ensure that all of the children in child care receive the best education while in their programs. We have all had to address numerous challenges and stressors during the past few months, first because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and then as issues of racial justice moved to the forefront of public awareness.

Over the last few months we have heard how early educators are supporting children and families through these difficult times, especially how you show up for children every day with love and kindness, offering them a sense of security. Everyone has been working through a vast array of emotions, struggles, and frustrations about financial instability, supply scarcity, health fears, and racial inequities and violence. In the midst of this, you have continued to answer the call to deliver the highest quality of care that you are able to each day.

One of my duties as the Workforce Advising Coordinator is to coordinate Child Care Aware of Minnesota’s TELL Talks (Topics for Early Learning Leaders). These are monthly webinars designed as community building opportunities to engage and share ideas surrounding a relevant early childhood education topic. Recently we’ve learned about mental health consultation services, Minnesota library resources, the power of interactions and social distancing in early childhood programs. Past TELL Talk recording are available on the Career Advancement page of our website.

We take questions and comments from participants and would love to hear from you! If you are interested in participating and are not already on our email list, please contact me at If you have suggestions for other topics that would be helpful for our audience, please email me your ideas.

I began my career in our field because I felt a strong desire to positively impact the lives of children and their families. This passion is still within me today, and I invite you to express your own passion by joining us for the upcoming TELL Talks.