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Reflections from Cory Woosley

MCN Headshot - Cory Woosley

After 21 years with Child Care Aware of Minnesota, and 41 years in the early childhood field, Cory Woosley, our Director of Workforce Development, is retiring in March. Cory took the time to share some reflections with Communications Director Diane Benjamin.

Cory: “I would like us to learn from what we’ve done before. Those of us that have been around for a while have seen a lot of changes in policies and approaches over time. Let’s keep the good things, such as developmentally appropriate practice that responds to individual children and understanding trauma-informed care. Let’s leave behind one-time initiatives and look at the fundamental piece that’s going to keep educators in the field – increasing education and experience will make a difference in the long term.

We also have new people coming in as leaders working on emerging issues such as the use of technology to support children’s learning; diversity, equity, and inclusion practices; and more focus on children’s mental health. There is so much more to learn from a new generation. I really appreciate all of my staff over the past 20 years who have brought their enthusiasm and new ideas to the work and who have taught me so much.

Finally, we need to give our early educators the same loving care and attention we give the children. How are we treating each person? How are you creating the next teacher and next leader? Educators need every bit as much loving care as our children.”

Join Child Care Aware of Minnesota in expressing our deep gratitude for all of Cory’s many contributions to the early childhood field in Minnesota.