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Professional Development Advisors Are Here to Help

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Have you ever thought about getting your CDA or a college degree in early childhood education, but didn’t know what the options were? Or maybe you wanted more information on child care topics, but didn’t know where to start? Have you thought about joining Parent Aware and wondered which trainings would count towards your Rating? Professional Development Advisors (PDAs) are here to help! PDAs have expert knowledge to help navigate licensing and variance questions, Parent Aware training requirements, professional development plans, learning communities, and more.

PDAs are available to every early childhood educator in Minnesota, whether they are brand new to the field or a seasoned professional. Advisors work with educators to explore, define, and achieve professional development goals. Our relationships with programs and educators are strength-based, individualized, and meet everyone where they are at. We ask questions like: Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How can I help you get there? What’s next?

PDAs are well-versed in the state’s Knowledge and Competency Framework, which outlines the practices educators use every day in their work with children. We help them build their knowledge and skills through training opportunities, educational pathways, grants, and online and community resources.

When I was a Professional Development Advisor, I cherished working directly with educators on their professional development goals. In my current role as the Professional Development Systems Coordinator, I find joy in supporting our team of PDAs, each of whom brings their own style and strengths to the work. We are passionate about helping people develop their potential to provide the best experience for the children in their care.