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Measuring Satisfaction

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Child Care Aware of Minnesota strives to offer quality service to everyone we touch. In the past year, we measured the following satisfaction levels with our programs:

Professional Development

  • 98% of people seeking customer support for Eager-to-Learn or from a professional development advisor received the help they needed promptly.

Parent Aware

  • 95% of the most recent cohort were satisfied with their experience.
  • 95% found the process to join easy and understandable.

Financial Supports

REETAIN Bonuses: 

  • 86% were satisfied overall with various aspects of the program.
  • 91% reported no challenges with applying for the program.

T.E.A.C.H. Scholarships:

  • 93% were satisfied with the program.
  • 89% agreed that staff were helpful.

Empower to Educate

  • 98% of Empower to Educate participants were satisfied with the program.
  • 93% always felt comfortable seeking support and advice from program staff.

We hope to maintain and even improve these outcomes going forward. For more information about any of our programs, please visit our website.