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Friendly Help Finding Child Care

AnnaMarie Schluender, Jen Goinz, and Debra Spaeth

When parents seeking child care dial 888-291-9811, they reach a trio of friendly, helpful Child Care Information Specialists on the other end of the line. And now, they can reach this same help through our new online chat. We recently ask our specialists Jen Goinz, AnnaMarie Schluender, and Debra Spaeth what they love most about their work.

“We get to help educate families about what high-quality, early education looks like. We make sure that parents can find a qualified, safe, educational environment for their child. We have all been there ourselves, and can meet parents where they are.

When parents call in, they are often overwhelmed, especially parents who have never used child care before and first-time parents. We provide a reassuring voice who can find answers and connect them to resources. We often can identify other supports, such as scholarships and grants, that can help them pay for care, and we can refer to other financial, health care, and housing resources that can support their families.”


“Sometimes, they just need someone to talk to and empower them to find the care that’s the best fit for their family. They always go away feeling that they have been heard, and that’s important.”


“All of our work happens in the context of relationships and partnerships. We are listening and working with the parents as a partner. They are the experts on their child, and we come alongside of them to help them find care.”


Visit to see all of the parent resources available and use the child care search tool. And remember, help is just a phone call – or chat message – away.