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REETAIN Bonus Application Form - Family Child Care

Thank you for your interest in the REETAIN Bonus. Awardees receive half of their bonus upon being awarded and the remainder after a six-month period. With an agreement to remain employed in a position working for a licensed Minnesota child care program or be licensed to provide child care in Minnesota for a year; December 1 – November 30.

To successfully submit your application, gather the required documents listed below before you complete the application. Review your Develop Membership so that your DHS Licensing Learning Record reflects accurate education and employment information. Your Career Lattice Step, position title, employment start date, and training hours are part of the eligibility and scoring process.

You can submit your documents by uploading them in JPEG or PDF format at the end of this application, or mail them to:

Child Care Aware of Minnesota
10 River Park Plaza
Suite 820
St. Paul, MN 55107

If you choose to mail your documents, please write your name on each document.

Required REETAIN application documents:

  1. Your DHS Licensing Learning Record from Develop, which must include the following information:
    • A current Develop Membership date
    • A Career Lattice Step of 6 or higher, or a Career Lattice Step of 5 with completion of MNCDA or MNITCDA learning community
    • Employment information in a Minnesota licensed child care program that includes program name/license number; position title of Primary Care Provider, Assistant Teacher, or Aide; age group(s); and start date. “Yes” must appear in the verified column”(employment is verified through your program’s Develop Organization Account).
  2. A copy of your current DHS Family Child Care License
  3. W-9 form
  4. For additional points, you may include one document that shows engagement in a professional activity. Examples include, a Parent Aware Rating certificate, a membership card from a professional organization, or an Achieve Trainer certificate.

If you have questions, please email