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REETAIN Bonus Application - Child Care Center

Thank you for your interest in the REETAIN Bonus program.

To successfully submit your application, read the information on the REETAIN web page and this application carefully. Applications will only be accepted electronically and may only be submitted once. Multiple application submission may result in an automatic denial.

Before getting started, gather the required documents listed below.

You can submit your documents by uploading them at the end of this application, or emailing or mailing them. All documents must be submitted as part of this application or received by email or mail before an application can be considered for a bonus.

Required REETAIN application documents:

  1. Your DHS Licensing Learning Record from Develop, which must show the following information:
    • A current Develop membership with accurate information
    • A Career Lattice Step of 6 or higher, or a Career Lattice Step of 5 with completion of MNCDA or MNITCDA learning community
    • Employment information in a Minnesota licensed child care program that includes program name and license number; position title of Teacher, Assistant Teacher, or Aide; age group(s); and start date. “Yes” must appear in the verified column.”
  2. A copy of a recent pay statement as proof of income that shows your name and the name and address of your employer

If you have questions, please email