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CDA Professional Development Specialist Stipend Application

The CDA Professional Development Specialist Stipend (PDS Stipend) recognizes the education and experience of Professional Development Specialists (PD Specialists) by supplementing the honorarium offered by the Council for Professional Recognition upon completion of a CDA verification visit. This program is limited to PD Specialists who have completed a verification visit for educators who completed the MNCDA or MNITCDA training series, and/or educators who have received a CDA Award.

To submit your application, you will need to upload the two documents listed below at the end of the application.

  1. A copy of a current Career Lattice Step certificate or Learning Record from Develop that shows a Career Lattice Step of 9d or higher
  2. For each visit, a copy of the Verification Visit Result email that you received from the Council, which states that you have successfully submitted the Verification Visit Results and your honorarium is being processed

If you have questions, please email