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CDA Application Fee and Training Reimbursement Form

The CDA Application Fee and Training Reimbursement form is for anyone who has received a new CDA certificate or a renewal within 1 year of the first day of this application round. Applicants use this form when they have completed the process of obtaining a CDA or renewal and would like a reimbursement of their portion of the Council’s application fee and/or training reimbursement.


To successfully submit your form, read the documentation requirements and the questions listed below.

Gather required documents before filling out the form. You have the option to submit your documents by uploading them in JPEG or PDF format at the end of this form or mailing them within 5 business days to:

Care Aware of Minnesota Attn: CDA
10 River Park Plaza Suite 820
St. Paul MN 55107.


Required CDA Application Fee and Training Reimbursement documents:

  • Your CDA Learning Record from Develop, which must include the following information:
    • A current Develop Membership
    • Required training for your CDA listed as “Verified”
    • Employment or volunteerism that is verified and includes Start Date and Age Group(s). Employment is verified through your program’s Develop Organization Account.
  • For center staff: A recent paystub from your child care center, or a Volunteer Verification form
  • For Family Child Care: a copy of your current DHS Family Child Care License
  • A copy of your CDA certificate obtained within 1 year of the 1st day of this application round


If you have questions, please email