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Five Tips for Choosing a Quality CDA Program


The Council for Professional Recognition recently shared a blog post with five tips for choosing a quality Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) program. This nationally recognized credential offers recognition for valuable knowledge about working with children and helping them reach their full potential. It is often a first step into a career educating young children.

Eager-to-Learn (ETL) offers an online CDA learning community that meets all of these recommendations! Here’s how:

Tip #1: Learn the Differences in Two Types of eLearning

eLearning can be delivered a number of ways, so it’s important the delivery method works for you. Eager-to-Learn offers CDA course delivery through either an instructor-led online course or a hybrid model.

In the online course, an instructor leads the training at specific, scheduled chat times. Participants are also required to complete portfolio assignments outside of the scheduled chat times.

The hybrid model uses live, virtual components such as Zoom video meetings, text-based learning, and portfolio assignment work.

Tip #2: Know what You’re Signing Up For

ETL’s CDA learning community includes all 120 hours of required training in the eight subject areas. We will also guide you in completing the other CDA requirements, including your professional portfolio.

We provide clear, complete information about what to expect and what’s expected of you. We encourage you to thoroughly read our information packet and course descriptions before signing a participation agreement, and to ask questions if you have them.

Tip #3: Look at User Experience and Learner Engagement

With eLearning, user experience and engagement are as important as content and delivery. Websites and course materials should be easy to use and keep you interested in the content. Our new ETL online learning platform offers easy-to-use navigation, access to help, and links to useful resources. To help keep you engaged, we also offer:

  • Stated objectives
  • Prerecorded video and audio
  • Interactive learning activities, including discussion boards and live chats
  • Peer networking

Tip #4: Look for Technology Support

ETL provides outstanding technology support, including video tutorials, and a reliable customer support team that responds quickly to user questions (within one business day).

Tip #5: Look for Administrator Support

If you are a program director or administrator purchasing registration for multiple staff, ETL will support you by:

  • Shipping CDA competency books to your program
  • Linking individual accounts to organization accounts in Develop
  • Providing automatic credit verification – no certificate submission required

Once you make the decision to register for a CDA Learning Community on Eager-to-Learn, you will be one step closer to earning your CDA credential or helping your program staff to earn theirs.

For more information, please contact Ashley Marek at or 651.290.9704 ext. 109.