R.E.E.T.A.I.N. Application

Thank you for your interest in the R.E.E.T.A.I.N. bonus program. Completing the form below is the first step of the application process. You must submit supporting documents to be considered for a bonus. You have the option to upload your supporting documents at the end of this application or email them to Child Care Aware of Minnesota. Your application is not considered complete until these documents are received.

Compile the supporting documents below for uploading for emailing:

  • Develop Learning Record which must include the following information:
    • Your Career Lattice Step
    • Your Develop ID number
    • The expiration date of your Develop Membership
    • Your current employer - this must be verified by your employer and say "yes" in the "verified" column (be sure your date of hire matches the date you listed on your application)
    • All approved training taken in 2018 (Please do not send your entire training list)
  • A copy of your current paystub
  • If applicable, a copy of your Parent Aware Rating certificate, accreditation certificate, professional organization membership card, Achieve-approved trainer certificate, and/or proof that you are an early childhood mentor

Please email REETAIN@ChildCareAwareMN.org with questions.